The Stroke of Eleven


Author: Kyle Robert Shultz

Pages: 187
Description: Time is up for Beaumont and Beasley. The evil enchantress Madame Levesque has finally tracked down cursed detective Nick Beasley and his companions, and she has dark plans for them. Nick and Cordelia must solve an ancient mystery for her, or Crispin and Molly will be lost forever.

The investigation leads Nick and Cordelia to the Castle of Basile, a bizarre and dangerous place where time itself has gone very, very wrong. Old friends are trapped there, and Nick and Cordelia are soon imprisoned along with them. Their jailer is Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother…and she’s far less benevolent than the storybook version.

A masked man offers to help–but can the White Rabbit really be trusted? What is Cinderella’s terrible secret? And what will happen when the clock strikes twelve?
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